The role of the model

In the construction site of specific engineering buildings and natural environment, some buildings have very complex structures,which can not be fully shown in the plane design and elevation drawings, or the construction team can not correctly understand,resulting in the difficulty coefficient of engineering construction. Sand table model can make the construction team correctly understandthe intention of interior designers and ensure the construction of the project. Generally, solid models are used to show the complicatedstructural positions of engineering buildings and guide the engineering construction.


Real estate developers carry out sales publicity. Building sand table model and environmental model have become the necessary means
for real estate development and sales personnel to display, publicize and sell buildings. Through the model, the public and property buyers
not only intuitively understand the architectural design style and the characteristics of the surrounding environment, but also have a certain
guiding role and guiding significance for their purchase choice.


Show the actual effect of engineering buildings and natural environment. In the bidding activities of large and medium-sized commercialbuildings or some other engineering buildings and natural environment, in order to show the design ideas and characteristics of engineeringbuildings and natural environment to the bidding committee enterprises and audit enterprises, and get recognition, in addition, the communityowners, audit staff and other relevant personnel can have a more visual grasp and real experience of the engineering buildings and the surroundingenvironment, Designers often show their design effects and transfer design concepts by simulating real architectural and environmental solid models.