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 For any unclear points of architectural building models, please  contact us at any time.

Questions Asked Commonly for Building Scale Model Making

Q: What’s the price for making a building model?

A: Each project is unique, thus, there is no fixed price for a model. The cost can vary from thousands to hundreds of thousands, so the most effective way to determine the price for your project is to send us your project details at sales@cgbmodel.com. We will then provide you with a customized quotation. Larger and more intricate models will naturally have a higher cost. Other factors to consider are the level of detail, complexity of lighting, materials used, and types of protective coverings.

Q: How to get a quote for a building scale model?

A: For a precise quotation and proposal, please send the following details to sales@cgbmodel.com:

-CAD plans, sections, elevations, and site planning drawings.

-Scale of the model (e.g. 1:50, 1:1001:150, etc.).

-Sketch-up drawings or 3D renderings (if accessible).

-Delivery location and preferred shipping method for dropship service, if needed.

More information or visuals will enhance the accuracy of the quotation and proposal. You are anticipate receiving them within 48 hours.

Q: How can I send information to you?

A: You can reach us by email at sales@cgbmodel.com or on WhatsApp at +86188 2525 5886. For bigger files, you can utilize Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Q: Does it matter if I am not local?

A: Not at all. We create models for clients in China and worldwide. Communication and client interaction can be done through email or WhatsApp or phone, with regular photos to show progress. Models are often approved based on photos, but you are also warmly  welcomed for a final inspection if you’re available. Various delivery options are offered.

Q: How long does a building scale model take to make?

A: Typically,5days to 6 weeks. Similar to model pricing, there’s no definitive answer as each project is distinct. Larger and more intricate models require more time for creating. Additional factors affecting duration include lighting complexity, delivery location, and the number of revisions. Models may take from a few days to several months to reach completion.

Q: Can changes be made to the model schematics?

A: Ensuring the best quality and most accurate building model for you is our main focus. We understand that modifications may happen at any stage of the build process for different reasons, giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed. Please be aware that these modifications might affect the final price or delivery timeline. Nevertheless, we typically strive to accommodate minor changes at no extra cost or delays to the deadline.

Q: What materials are typically used in model making?

A: Most building models are crafted from high-quality plastics, but as a professional model maker, Green Model has expertise in using a wide range of materials. Feel free to reach out to us with any specific requests.

Q: What is the optimal scale for the model?

A: One of the first decisions we will make together is deciding the best scale for your model. This decision relies on the size of the site, available display area, and the level of detail you want to highlight. We will have scale conversations with you, explaining the benefits of each decision. A larger scale, such as 1:10, permits more detailed inclusion, though it may enlarge the model. On the other hand, a smaller scale like 1:1000 allows for displaying more of your project and its surroundings, though it may sacrifice finer details.

Q: How will you ship the model?

A: By sea or air, also Express for choice. If you have your own shipping forwarder, that also will be ok.

Q: What’s your payment term?

A: 30% deposit in advance and balance before shipment.