What is the landscape configuration method in the  model?

The model is not only an architectural model,  a good greening collocation can give customers a better visual experience. The background of  model mainly includes the layout of model sketches of mountains, water, green space, lawns, rockeries, fake lakes, etc. When making such a model, background production is a very important part and a crucial step.


How to make the background of the garden  model?

1. Tree production:landscaping models

The method of making trees is to first tear the dyed sponge or foam plastic into irregular small pieces. Then bundle or glue it on the twisted wire or branch to make the required The shape of natural trees can be

2. Green space production:

The method of making green space is to dye the screened sawdust powders into different shades of green, and mix them to produce a more natural green space effect. Apply the latex evenly on the ground area of ​​the model bottom plate and sprinkle it evenly. Put the mixed sawdust powder on it, and after the latex is slightly dry, spray the hairspray to make it completely fixed.

3. Water surface production:

First, use a brush to brush the prepared blue-green on the back of the transparent or translucent plexiglass plate, then place it on the bottom of the model, and then use rockery, gravel and roads to enclose it. Irregular water surface area. It should be noted here that the thickness of the plexiglass plate should not be too thick.

4. Production of rockery sketches:

For the production of rockery, foam plastic can be used. Paper clay, benzene board, stone and other materials are trimmed into the required rockery shape with tools such as wallpaper knives, files, sandpaper and other tools.

5. Road production:

Road production should firstly plan the road path on the model base, and then achieve the texture and effect of the road surface by laying different layout materials. According to different roads, different materials can be selected.landscaping models.