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Who We Are 

Green Model is a professional scale model maker based in Shenzhen, China. We have  been engaged in architectural scale model making industry for over than 25 years, offering high-quality, customized models for various projects. With in-depth expertise in architectural design and precision craftsmanship, we create scale models that accurately represent the intended designs. Our team utilizes advanced technology and traditional model-making techniques to deliver exceptional results. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each client and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

What We Do

Green Model specializes in designing and producing architectural models and physical models for clients in China and around the world. We collaborate with governments, real estate developers, architectural firms, architectural design Institutes, and individuals, offering a range of services such as architectural models, site models, industrial models, urban planning models, landscape models, interior models, white models, etc.

Picture of a scale model cutter
picture of model-making

How we do

The premier model-making service provides comprehensive consulting, design research, expert advice, precise model-making, meticulous packaging, efficient drop-ship services, professional installation, reliable tracking, and ongoing maintenance. Green Model is well-equipped to fulfill all your requirements on a global scale.

Quotating for Scale Models

After receiving your requirement with CAD/SU drawings, a comprehensive quotation with professional proposal of the architectural model will be offered within 48 hours.

Final approval on design documents

Once the quotaiton is confirmed, we’d like to get the final drawings again to ensure the latest design.

Order arrangement for architectural scale model

Next, the architectural model production will be arranged by one-to-one follow-up team upon your deposit to account, including raw material sourcing, model making plan.

Confirmation of architectural model prior to shipment

Furthermore, photos and videos for every procedure will be sent to you timely for confirmation based on your design documents.

Finishing and delivering scale models

Once final model approval and balance done, delivery will be followed asap.

After-sales follow-up

We will regularly follow up the arrival of architectural models and the feedback after arrival

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