Do you want to know the charging standard of a architectural models for the first time? Is there a menu option available? Will there be unreasonable charging standards for high, middle and low grades? Is it reasonable for other competitors to quote a square meter?

How can architectural models quote accurately and reasonably?-models price

Why is there no menu price standard?-models price

Sand table models are customized products. Different design styles, structures and model presentation methods of each project lead to great differences in production costs. Even for models of the same size, the number of buildings, differences in style and structure, and the pursuit of details lead to great price differences.

What do we need to do to get an offer?-models price

At the initial stage of general inquiry, we will ask the customer to provide the basic project CAD general layout in order to predict the scale and size of models, and the overall effect drawing in order to understand the appearance and style of the building .

In combination with the customer’s requirements, we will issue the model production scheme, and the model price will be more accurate after the customer’s approval.

Does the length of construction period affect the cost of achitectural model?-models price

The reasonable production cycle of architectural model is generally 30-60 days. If the production cycle is less than 30 days, overtime and rush work are required, resulting in an increase in model production costs.

If the production cycle is longer than 60 days, the project manager’s docking time is too long, and some customized requirements need to be checked again , which consumes the labor for docking.

At the same time, the sand table model is placed in the area occupied by the factory, which is also a factor leading to the cost increase.