With the development of cities, architectural model plays a more and more important role in urban construction. When developing an area, real estate developers will first contact some professional architectural model companies to build urban models.

What are the usual methods for making  models and what raw materials are used?

When starting to make the model, I am afraid the first thing to consider is the “utilization method” or “performance method” of the model. The policy and proportion can be determined according to the “utilization method”. Urban planning, residential area planning and other large-scale models usually adopt the same scale as the design drawings.

1. contour sand table model
The elevation difference of the site is large. When making the model with contour lines, the plates that conform to the contour lines shall be made in advance according to the proportion, cut along the curve of the contour lines, and pasted into the terrain in the form of terraces. In this case, the selected materials are made of cork board and styrene paper, especially the styrene blow molded cardboard, which can be cut into smooth curves with a battery fire cutter.

2. surface sand table model
If the water surface is not large, it can be treated by simple coloring method. If the area is large, transparent plates such as glass plate or propylene shall be used. Under them, colored paper can be pasted or directly colored to show the feeling of water surface. If you want the water to be dynamic, you can use some reflective materials to make the surface, and the following is also colored to give people a feeling of water flowing.

3. sand table model of substructure and construction site
After the proportion is determined, I can start to make sand table models. I am usually used to making model bases and bases first. If the building site is flat, it is easy to make the model. If the site is uneven and there are adjacent buildings in the performance requirements, the model making method will be different according to different measurement methods.

4. make sand table model with cardboard
Cardboard is the most commonly used model material. You can choose different cardboard according to your needs, such as white card, gray card and color card. The single-layer white card is usually used as the grass mold, the double-layer white card is generally used as the positive mold, the gray card can be used to represent the material of plain concrete, and the color card is used to represent different finishes.

5. make sand table model with wood
Flexible use of the soft and rough talent texture and convenient processing characteristics of light wood can make a variety of different performance effects.
In fact, there are many methods about sand table model, and different companies use different raw materials. The above is about the sand table model making method and the raw materials used by Xiaobian. Of course, a good model making company has a lot of experience and methods. Shenzhen Green has specialized in making sand table models for 12 years and has rich experience. It is one of the most famous model companies in China.