Model making is a kind of technology that can flexibly make and splice the structure of a building according to a certain proportion by machine or hand according to the architectural drawings. Among them, the matching of color and light is particularly important.  the presentation of environment and landscape when making according to the designed renderings, it should be noted that the performance of tree species is mainly freehand brushwork, the color of flowers and plants mainly focuses on the performance of aesthetic feeling, and the use of color should try to reflect the scene of vitality. For example, the actual effect is full of flowers, but if it is made according to the actual effect, it will look very incongruous on the model. It is necessary to make appropriate adjustments. The plants are just right to set off the building.

Model making-lights According to the characteristics of different scenes, the primary and secondary layers of lights are also different. The buildings and waterscape lights in residential areas should use warm colors as much as possible, the lights of scenes usually use cold colors, and the colors of street lights and garden lights should be unified and set according to certain rules. The color of the building should be displayed at multiple levels, but it should be clear and definite. It should be emphasized that it is very important to grasp the degree. Do not be bright everywhere, which will cause some surrounding parts to take away the glory of the theme. Matching the scene is matching the scene. The protagonist is naturally the protagonist. If there is no choice, there will be no focus, and there will be no successful model.

The collocation of color and light directly affects the display effect of the model. A successful display of color and light can be regarded as a perfect building sand table model.

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