Customer Service

As professional model maker with over than 25 years industry experience, Green Model can make scale models of any size and complexity. If you have an idea for an architectural or display model but don’t know where to begin, let’s talk!

Based on different clients’ specific requirements and each project’s unique features, Green Model can customize architectural scale models in various sizes, designs, and purposes. These precise models highlight the aesthetics, structure, and layout of buildings, allowing clients to effectively present their project plans and design ideas.

As a professional model maker, Green Model prioritizes customer experience by utilizing top materials and modern techniques to craft precise, durable, and visually stunning architectural models customized to each client’s specific requirements. Our skilled craftsmen and designers’ teams work closely with clients from concept to completion, in order to guaranteeing high quality and meticulous attention to detail.

After finishing the architectural scale model, Green Model can provide remote help for installation and commissioning to ensure a secure and stable presentation, achieving great results. If needed, our model making experts will offer detailed instructions and guidance for a seamless setup. Thus, our clients will trust their building model can be showcased effectively, capturing viewers’ attention and conveying the message.

Green Model not only supplies spare parts, but also delivers thorough follow-up service and technical support, which includes advice on maintenance, repairs, and updates for the model. Whenever clients face any problems or need extra assistance in showcasing the scale model, our team of model making experts will promptly provide effective solutions. So, whenever you need help on architectural models, just reach out Green Model to provide reliable and professional assistance.